UK Environmental Legislation
Environmental Management Policy

As a manufacturer, you are no doubt aware that UK Environmental Legislation is becoming increasingly stringent. You are probably also familiar with the demands that UK Environmental Legislation places on your business.

However, you may not appreciate that breaching UK Environmental Legislation can result in significant fines and even imprisonment. The costs of environmental accidents and the resulting bad publicity can be equally damaging.

Understanding and complying with UK Environmental Legislation…

At Staffordshire Business & Environment Network (sben), we help members to understand and comply with UK Environmental Legislation.

sben provides a unique opportunity to network with other manufacturers in the county through a series of exclusive events. Furthermore, we provide free and subsidised training to address key changes to UK Environmental Legislation.

Developing an Environmental Management Policy…

UK Environmental Legislation already covers air, liquid effluent, solid waste, dust and noise emissions. A written Environmental Management policy can help your business continually adhere to legislation by providing guidelines for improving environmental performance.

Using your Environmental Management Policy…

sben can help you develop an Environmental Management Policy. Once written, this can be used to maintain environmental best practice.

Your Environmental Management Policy can also help to effectively promote your business. You can display your Environmental Management Policy on your website or in reception and send it out with your invoicing and mailshots.

In short, a professional Environmental Management Policy can ensure that your business is viewed positively by existing and potential customers alike.

To find out how sben can help you comply with UK Environmental Legislation and develop an Environmental Management Policy, simply call us on 01785 277379 or click here to request a callback.

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