Foreword from the Chairman

In 2018 we continue to have slow economic growth and political uncertainty but, by looking at our organisations from an environmental point of view, we can build on our strengths and find new opportunities. Increased public awareness of, for example, single use plastics and the generation of electricity from renewable resources can add momentum and enthusiasm to embedding improvements into your business processes and reaching the goals you set.

Whether you are at the starting point of basic legal compliance or progressing towards sustainability, sben membership can bring you great benefits. Ideas and suggestions from members are encouraged and welcomed. sben is run by the members for the members.

In Staffordshire we have access to financial support through the Low Carbon Business Evolution Programme, further details are on the LCBEP page of this site. I encourage all members to get in touch and find out how to access this, either as SMEs themselves or for SMEs within their supply chain or as neighbours.

The sum of the network is greater than the individual companies. Join in and make the most of your opportunities and achieve the greatest benefits.


Judith Smith
sben Chair

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